We believe that God is on a mission to display His glory through Jesus Christ among all nations. The main way that God does this is through people in local churches bearing witness to the risen Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

What's the need?

The overwhelming majority of churches in the world are led by pastors without adequate training or resources. We want to be a part of strengthening churches outside the Western world through discipleship and leadership training. 

What Are We Doing?

We are missionary candidates with South Cities Church and Training Leaders International, a mission agency focused on leadership training. We are planning to join the ministry efforts at a church and seminary in Cameroon, Central Africa. Daniel plans to assist with education and discipleship at Église Baptiste Bethléem and teach at the Bethlehem Seminary extension site in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Christina plans to serve through music (worship) and women's discipleship. We are currently raising support for long-term ministry. Our goal is to launch in the fall of 2024 for one year of French language training in France, and after that, head to Cameroon.

Daniel's Story

I (Daniel) grew up as a pastor’s kid in a small church in rural WI named Cornerstone Community Church. I confessed faith and was baptized at a young age and have sought to walk out my faith since then. My first experience with missions began in 2001 when my family began ministering on a Native American reservations in Osnaburgh, Ontario and Cass Lake, MN through short term trips (1-3 per year) until 2017. In 2010, I moved to Minneapolis, MN to pursue a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethlehem College and Seminary at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Christina and I met in 2011 and got married in 2014. After graduating in 2015, I worked for 2 years as an Administrative Assistant at a MN Adult and Teen Challenge. In 2017, we moved to South Cities Church (formerly a campus of Bethlehem Baptist Church) and I went back to Bethlehem College and Seminary to pursue an MDiv and graduated spring of 2022. Other than loving God and loving my neighbor, one of my deepest desires is to help people read their Bibles well. God has spoken in His word and poor interpretation dishonors God and hurts people.

I’ve been involved at our church as a youth mentor and a small group leader for about 10 years and I occasionally preach or teach for youth and adults at our church and at other churches.

We began seriously considering ministry in Cameroon sometime in 2019 and visited Yaoundé, Cameroon in early 2022 to see the ministry firsthand. After this trip, we decided to commit to taking practical steps toward joining the ministry there training church leaders and building up Christ’s church.

Christina's Story

I (Christina) was born to Christian parents who faithfully brought me to gospel-preaching churches and eagerly taught me the Bible at home. They gave me and my siblings a big view of God’s glory in salvation, and of Christian mission in the world. At a young age, I sensed my sinfulness and trusted Jesus as my Savior (I was later baptized). I remember these early years being marked by a strong and sweet awareness of God as my good Father. As I grew into my teen years, my sincere faith, coupled as it was with my idealistic understanding of the Christian life, was challenged by the complexities and heartaches of life in a fallen world. I longed for deeper Biblical understanding. God provided for this hunger, significantly through discipleship at Bethlehem College in Minneapolis. As I grew theologically and gained a more robust Christian worldview, my relationship with the Lord grew richer and gained stability. 

Since this transformative time, I’ve had a deepening desire to help provide the same kind of theological discipleship for others. I’m eager to serve the Church in Cameroon in this way, and specifically to minister to women and children as God allows. I’m also eager to continue discipling and homeschooling my own dear children in a new chapter of our life together.

Training Christian Leaders

​Our sending agency is Training Leaders International. Their mission is to provide training in Bible and Theology for the 85% of church leaders outside of the western world that have no education or training. Our target location, Cameroon, is officially a Christian nation. But, as with much of Africa, the majority of Christian churches are prosperity gospel churches that focus on prophets and miracles instead of on teaching the word of God. Many believers there are not biblically literate and lack basic instruction in Christian living.

The Church

​Our church on the field will be Église Baptiste Bethléem (Bethlehem Baptist Church) in Yaoundé. This church is part of the Treasuring Christ Together Network, which is committed to church planting locally and internationally. The church serves native Cameroonians (both Francophone and Anglophone) and the expatriate/missionary community. The lead pastor at the church, who is also the director of the Bethlehem Seminary extension site, is native Cameroonian Dieudonné Tamfu.

We will be seeking to build up this local church by being committed members, discipling others through one-on-one mentorship and small group leadership. Daniel will serve the church through preaching and teaching as needed.

We will also seek to walk in all of life as devoted followers of Jesus Christ and to share the gospel with the unbelievers we encounter in the course of daily life.

The Seminary

The Bethlehem Seminary extension site in Cameroon aims to train pastors who will serve existing churches in Cameroon and who will engage in global missions to unreached and unengaged people groups, some of which live in Cameroon. We want to be part of training, sending, and supporting gospel ministers to reach their own people in places that are much harder, or even impossible, for foreigners to get to.

In my ministry efforts in the seminary, I will seek to build up local churches by teaching aspiring and current church leaders in the Seminary and in other formal and non-formal settings (Conferences, Seminars, etc.). I have not been assigned to specific classes yet, but I have interest and competency in Bible Overview, Interpretation, Biblical Theology, and Systematic Theology.